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nice game, hope youll make a bigger game of it

Yay!! really cute pixel art... funny 4th wall break. Thank you for making this game!

This was sweet and short! :)

I was really saving the money for the cars then the game came to an end without buying them xD
Good game !

Had a fun time with this! Great job and hilarious writing!


Really fun game. Wish I could have brought my kid the chocolates, but I lover all fun. Great characters and fun design. Thank you for sharing your work with us!

I made a video on it if anyone would like to see: 

Pained my arm, 10/10, fun, multi-delivery system is great. Love it!

It is a simple but fun game. I really liked it (:

the music in the car dealership made me so happy i went to go find it... great game, it's super cute!


Very cute game, but what a shame the game ended before I could give the chocolate to kiddo :'(


Easy short game. Error upon quitting the game though.


Cute game, lol byebye humans. I was definitely hoping to buy a "Monster Truck."

Wish we could claim the game   don't have access to pc now so can't download it


I really enjoy driving around talking to all the random monsters, id love a bigger version of the game with more for you to deliver and more monsters to talk to.