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Kinda anticlimactic, but interesting nonetheless

i got a virus when i installed it...




this looks sick, i'll check it out!


Dang I wanna play this!

cool game. i like it

Tried out the game!

Really loved the concept of this game! 


Never trust a broad...thought I don't trust the neighbor either...and my partner's a little no what? Nobody gets trusted.


Short and sweet. Unless there's multiple endings, I was able to complete the game on the first try.




how come?


I'm on my 100th game try I apologize for the comment but the games made in 2 hours make me want to give up I found some cool little games on itch but sometimes I feel like I'm going in circles


Pretty cool, though the end was kind of anticlimatic. I barely pressured the murderer and they just spilled the beans, and I still had plenty of time to spare. I think a game where one is constantly running out of time and has to keep re-doing it to get things done faster would be interesting, but this has not quite reached that potential. The voice acting and artstyle are nice though


Gamepad support? Add to steam?

is it for windows


The RAR file dosn't seem to be functional

7zip doesn't seem to recognize it, but PeaZip worked for me.


Just a heads up, it doesn't seem possible to download the game through the client. Not sure why that is.

wow - a really nice game with a perfect atmosphere. Congratulations :.-)

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Nice game.  Good voice acting and I love how the time reduces as you ask questions or perform an action.  Great way of putting pressure on the player :)  An enjoyable story line as well!