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Dark sci-fi adventure game, about two space explorers who come across an abandoned derelict with terrifying secrets.

Game is fully VOICED!

Graphics and coding: David Brocek (https://twitter.com/DavidBrocek)

Music, SFX, Writing: Daniel Kobylarz (https://twitter.com/danielkobylarz)

Entry for Ludum Dare 50


DeckHex 1.0.zip 26 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip and play


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i loved


I have to be honest... I wouldn't say I liked it. Sure the graphics are cool and it has voice acting and I also like the story, but I have one main problem: 

When you don't hover your mouse up the screen, there's no way to know, you can use the thing already.

And I think it is way too short and that would be ok if it wouldn't be that easy. 

Very nice game. Any chance to tip you guys somehow? I usually do this when I enjoy free games on itch, but you do not have that option implemented.


Eh, I still think we could have sold it for something.

Great short game, liked it!


Great game.  Excellent voice acting and graphics.  I love these styled point and click adventures.


I really like the concept, I hope you make a longer game using the idea, I love the idea of wondering an abandoned alien ship and solving puzzles to find frequency's to hack computers.

Its a really cool idea and i would love to see it used more 


Excellent game. Very impressive voice lines and nice atmosphere. 


Love the game, hope it was a bit longer. Everything is perfect, the graphics is top notch, the voice acting fits the atmosphere, good job.


Hey, I really liked the atmosphere of the game: dark in a great way.

I would like to contribute voluntarily with localisation to PT-BR if it is of your interest.

Let me now, and keep up the awesome work.


Great job done as always David! It might not be clear to anyone at the beginning but the fact that you were able to fill the game with voice acting is incredible and all of it done during the game jam time frame! + it sounds perfect (the radio distorted voices and breathing are great touch), all of it adds to the misterious atmosphere along with amazing background music... I just wish there will be more of it! I humbly bow infront of yours and Daniels amazing entry! Thank you for this experience 


Thanks Jin, we really appreciate your feedback :)