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Shortly after being elected mayor, Carl Elmstat is murdered by a thief who is quickly caught, convicted, and sent to prison – case closed. Carl’s son Richard however, is unsettled by the details and decides to investigate further on his own. His prime suspect? His father’s political rival – Edward Raban. Throughout the investigation, Richard will find out that the truth behind the murder is hidden deep under the ground – deeper than he ever could have imagined.

Metaphobia is a dark mystery detective story, inspired by classic adventure games from the 90's. The game has been created with passion not credit cards so it is completely FREE TO PLAY.


Greenscreen Animations (Rotoscoping)

Retro Graphics

Original Soundtrack and SFX

Fully voice-acted story

Over 30 locations and 20 characters

Created by DIGITAL MOSAIC Games

Story: Tolga Öcek, David Broček
Dialogs: David Broček
Art and Animations: Tolga Öcek
Scripting: Vincent Cortese
Music: Daniel Kobylarz (Composer for Kathy Rain - www.dankoby.com)
SFX: Max Weigl
Proofreading: Steven Avigliano

Game was created in AGS (Adventure Game Studio) Engine.

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Metaphobia/?ref=br_rs
AGS forum page: https://bit.ly/2ZExgA


Metaphobia v1.01.rar 417 MB
Metaphobia-macOS.zip 410 MB

Development log


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Ben iyiyim, sen nasılsın? :)

Tolga abi hayırdır nasılsın?

Game very well done, I would have gladly paid a small price, too. It could've been made better of course, but this applies to pretty much everything. By the way I found the ending really satisfying :) 

Good game, but  (spoiler) I don't know if it's a bug: if you speak to the old man in the library before trying to use the PC you can never get his card

it's not a bug, the game was intended to be like that, you have to speak to woman first, I was tricked too and had to play over again but it was no problem

Amazing visuals and story!

I was impressed by the fact that the game is full-length and features voice acting.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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Playing through it now, love the level of polish you've put into this project.  I think I've found my new favourite indie adventure game.

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yes :)

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How to make J trust R?I was puzzled for a long time...

judy, richard

A wonderful, immersing game - strongly recommended !

Amazing game. Definitely reminded me of a Wadjet or Francisco Gonzalez game. Hope to see more like it in the future!

I was wondering if I needed a certain computer program to use to open and play this game? I can't seem to get it to open.

Is this the same version as Gamejolt's and the AGS site?

Or is this the newest ?

Hi, there is newest version on AGS, Itchio and Gamejolt. These are the official uploads from us, so yes they are the same.


Great job to all who worked on this masterpiece, the game's story line & content were on point.  The puzzles left me stumped & stunned at the same time.

 Thank you : )

this game is great especially story line.  puzzles were well thought out. great clues. however,  I am stuck on island puzzle. 

thanks for game.


Thanks a lot for your comment!

If you get stuck and need help I suggest one of the gameplays on YouTube. I think there is not a text walkthrough yet.

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Enjoyable, solid detective game. Thanks!

Детективная адвенчура (в духе Gabriel Knight). Приятная сложность некоторых головоломок, несколько удачных сюжетных ходов и финал, который сумел удивить. Хотя игре не хватает спец.эффектов, я любовался плавными детальными анимациями (редкость для пиксел-арта). Игра достойная - и совершенно бесплатная. Чудесный подарок от разработчиков.

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I have started this wonderful game, and I am very excited about it. Musically, many compare it to Kathy Rain. Interestingly, I find it sounding more like the Samaritan Paradox, but this is my personal feeling. And I love this game's music, by the way!

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Hey Alex, great insight! Ironically, I wrote the music for both Metaphobia and Kathy Rain so it would make sense that there's some stylistic overlap! Thanks so much for the kind words.



you can check out the soundtrack here on bandcamp:


and here on spotify:


I need help with the stone hitting puzzle in the iranian ruins. Can me give somebody a little hint please how to interprete the poem?

Deleted 2 years ago

That's really unusual. Never heard anyone having this issue. However, what exactly do you mean by "installing"? Our game is only zipped. So just extract it and play. Let me know what happened.

Sorry, “installed” was the wrong word to use. I found that I can play it outside of the itch.io program but if I try to launch it from the program itself it opens my browser and takes me to the download page. The story is excellent however and overall it was a wonderful experience. 

I really liked your game, even though I got stuck multiple times I enjoyed it, but I have to admit the ending of the story was a little disappointing. 

Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry the ending was disappinting for you. I understand it may not be for everyone to like it, but we tried to accomplish a certain feeling of the whole experience (no spoilers), and we believe we managed to do it just as we planned. But of course it is not possible to make a story that fits to everyone.
Anyway, your opinion is very much appreciated, and we are glad you liked the rest of the game :)

Incredible quality, awesome professionalism. Congratulations guys, I just finished it! My only suggestion would be a label/indicator for where the mouse is, or hotspot highlight as there were some quite infuriating pixel hunting moments.

Though again, wonderful realization and experience!

Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm happy you liked our game. 

We discussed cursor posibilities during the first phase of development, however the "showing text" option really did not fit into the overall visuals and the feel of the game.

Wonderfull adventure! Thanks a lot for this game. I love the Gabriel Knight references. And the interesting story.

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Is it possible to get a macOS export from AGS? I would love to play this.

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Yes, there is a Mac version in the downloads section.

I was able to run it using WineBottler on macOS. Maybe this can be a way for you to play this nice game. From my experience most of the AGS games can be played on macOS using WineBottler. 


I love the 90's, thanks for this great game.

We are really happy you like it :)


Max Weigl, echt jetz?
Har Har, wie man im Netz immer über die selben Menschen stolpert...


this game is awesome.  thank you so much!!!!

Thanks you! We are happy you are enjoying it! :)


I was half expecting a demo where the game ends at getting to Reban's building lobby. What I wasn't expecting was a full game. Hot damn this game has a really interesting story. (I'm always a fan of political espionage) I also like how it's all in a point and click style so you can really tell the story. (Props for the V.A) I hope you add in a few more save slots. But overall, it's a solid game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Thanks mate! Much appreciated. Looking forward to check out your video (most likely the world first gameplay). We are glad you like it so far. 😊


Here's Episode 2 if you want to see it. 

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Lastly, Ep 3. This one has End game spoilers.

Hey man, thanks a lot for playing the game, and also for making videos of it. Much appreciated. 
I would just ask you one thing, could you please change the thumbnail of the video, so it doesn't show the biggest spoiler in the game? :)

Ok. Got it done. 

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Absolutely stunning screenshots with strong Gabriel Knight-vibes. Really well done, I'll play it soon. Thank you for your work!


Thank you for your comment and for playing our game. The vibes were very much intended, so it really makes us happy you felt that way.