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Welcome to SMASHER. You play as Trinity Tritone, a guitar wielding metal head who has a huge gig at the end of the day and a problem to solve before she gets there- she doesn't know how to play guitar. Enter the most unlikely guitar teacher...


- Voice acting

- Original Music

- Point & Click adventure

- Guitar-memory puzzle


Music, Voice Acting, Design - Daniel Kobylarz (

Programming, Design - Vincent Cortese (

Art, Writing - David Brocek (


Trinity Tritone - Gabrielle Crespo

Martin Satanski - David Brocek

Rufus "Smasher" Coltrane, God, Satan - Daniel Kobylarz

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(68 total ratings)
AuthorDigital Mosaic Games
GenreAdventure, Rhythm
TagsComedy, Funny, metal, Music, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Retro


Smasher - LD 54 - 65 MB


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Soooo cool! Will there be a full version?

good game, but too short

Had a rocking good time with this game. I like that you included God's dialogue lol. So funny!


So this is how I learn that Adventure Game Studio has a web export now.

Damn this soundtrack is literally amazing, I really liked the opportunity to create slightly different melodies at the moment by pressing notes

Um point and click curtinho mas muito divertido! Com artes bonitas e muito ROCK N ROLL'

I recommend to play this with good speakers full volume ... and a beer!

Great game. Graphics, music and voice acting is perfect

Cool game :) Too short :(

i enjoyed this!

Really entertaining, short and funny. This game just rocks.

Here's my Let's Play without any commentary:



Ahhhmazing! I laughed so hard my teeth fell out. 

reminds me of the music video tribute

yoo, i loved the game, ill cherish it in my heart forever:D

pretty cool


Loved it! When's Smasher 2!

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My Honest Review:
Voice acting? 7/10 but in a pixel art game That is a rare thing to see and I love that. The charm of the game was in its comedic element. point and click gameplay was well done. I wish the game was a bit longer especially the playing guitar for band section. Beautiful art style & pixel art. ROCK ON!!!!

Nice short cool game, had a fun time with it

I want this in my Steam library. 😳

Great music!

Espero que tenha uma continuação em breve 


is there a way to download/listen to the full ost?? i love it!!


It's crazy how satisfying this game is, considering it takes 10-15 minutes to play. Metal magic, baby!


This was short but very sweet. Reminded me of Brutal Legend. Love the Baldur's Gate 1 reference. I'd absolutely pay for a full-length game like this (and I usually avoid memory games as I suck at them). 


song so good got me biting my toenails



The visuals are cool, the humor funny and the music nice... the gameplay of the actual guitar is a bit clunky

Whoa, AGS is still kickin'?  I remember messing around with that thing like 20ish years ago


I am not ashamed to say that I sat at the title screen just vibin'

Cool game, pretty cool style

Short and intense! Good to find this game as a metal lover


Great game! Fun story, awesome voice acting, good music and nice looks. The whole package.

The voice acting is amazing! I love this game ❤

Hope you are ok with this?


Awesome job team! Music was good, story was fun.

Thank you!

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This is great!!! Sounds so good! Fun dialogs, too! I wanted to play a lot more! Great work


Thanks, we had a lot of fun. We would love the game to be longer, but 2 days are not much time haha