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Millenia after human extiction, robots have evolved into a society. Your job is to... well that is actually what you need to find out.

Short point and click adventure game for Ludum Dare 47


Unscripted - LD47.zip 44 MB


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I was browsing through itch and found this game and decided to play it, it was a fun experience, the puzzles where simple and the game was short but it was fun to play through it and a little sad at the end, and the way you used the sounds was also very good, as they got well together, good job. I might give a little visit to your other game very soon ;)

A great short experience. Nice work! Made a video playthrough. 

Hello guys, thank you for playing the game! I had a blast watching you and I really like that you did not get stuck or anything (that means it works haha). What a cool channel you have there, a father and his son playing games, that's so cool. I wish you all the best in the future.

Thank you so much! Means a lot to hear.

Nice short game. Loved the graphics style